• Alycia James

Out there and back again

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Today I had been out in the car on along drive, sat in a theatre, travelled in a car again, sat in a cafe, travelled again, and all in all had a delightful time. However, when I returned home with my children, we were all a bit twitchy and restive, and our car-bound energy was begging for restoration. The sharp afternoon cool, mingling with the golden light of a sunny day in mid-winter beckoned us outward on an adventure. A bike ride seemed the choice of the day (my eldest daughter was just honing her skill with gears, my son was exhausted and trailer-ready, and my baby daughter was just big enough to go in the bike seat and marvel at the countryside). So, out we ventured towards the pastoral splendour that we are fortunate to call our local area with promises of finding newborn lambs in a nearby paddock and the possible scintillating prospect of buying bread at the local store. There was more than a little coercion involved in getting everyone ready and on the road, but as we pedaled along under a sky streaked with technicolour clouds, the sobs in the trailer subsided, the infanta coed and clapped her hands for joy, and a very proud gear-changer admitted that she did need to get out after all. The lambs further charmed our party, frolicing with the slightly awkward gait of newborns and clinging closely to their mothers. Awash with wonder at the beauty of new life, we continued our journey, this time with a sense of deep peace and unanimity. It is this sense of calm and complicity that is such a common and wonderful product of being together in the outdoors, and a total belief in its power drives me to encourage, motivate and even dictate our little brood ever outwards on hikes, bike rides, rock climbs, simple walks and, on a more universally popular scale, trips to the park. We are very fortunate to live on an island so rich in natural beauty, so diverse in its terrain, and so changeable through the tides, the weather and the shifting sands; each adventure sheds a fresh light on Phillip Island such that there is always something new and inspiring to discover.

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