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‘Island trails offers a unique opportunity to explore beautiful Phillip Island whilst learning about its history, its geology and its ecology.  We offer a range of interpretative walks around Phillip Island, from 2 hour localised walks to more  intensive day trips.  Your guide will take you on a journey into our history to reveal the stories behind fossils and geological formations on the coast; you will also learn about relationships people have had with Phillip Island from its earliest known inhabitants to colonial settlement. In our Starlight to Sunrise walks you will discover the many ways in which the night skies have been interpreted both to navigate and weave stories of belonging and ancestry.  In our Sunset to Starlight walks you have the opportunity to learn the story of how Phillip Island has been sculpted over time, prior to beach walking under the stars and discovering how they have been used for navigation and cultural identity.  Walks and experiences can be adapted to specific needs upon request.



Island Trails offers a variety of walking tours, with history, natural environments, wellness and food at the core of our focus. Our trips guarantee an action-packed itinerary, while delivering a truly knowledgeable and authentic travel experience. Take a look at the walking tours below, and get in touch if you would like to learn how you can book a tour with us today.

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Price: $95, 3.5 hrs

Do you often wish you could take more time to look at the stars? Do you like to learn about what we see in the present through the looking glass of the past?The Starlight to Sunrise, Red Rocks to Cowes Walk offers just such an opportunity, interpreting the many ways humans have interpreted the stars to create meaning and to navigate, whilst also revealing the relationships humans have had with the land.  Having journeyed to Cowes for the sunrise you will then watch the light spilling over glorious Westernport, simultaneously indulging in a fresh picnic breakfast of local produce.  As we walk back towards Red Rocks in the morning light you will learn about the local rock formations and the story they tell about our geological past.

Level of difficulty:  easy to medium

(Bookings are subject to tide times and the time of year: weather permitting, walks will begin 1.5 hours before sunrise.)

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Price: $ 35    2 hrs

Immerse yourself in Phillip Island's earliest maritime and colonial history in one of Victoria's oldest fort towns.  Originally named 'Fort Dumaresque' by British authorities concerned about a French occupation in Westernport, Rhyll has a rich and varied history of human settlementas it was a traditional fishing and hunting spot for the indigenous Bunorong, and, with the advent of colonization, a sealers haven.  On this tour of Rhyll's township and local RAMSAR protected inlet you will learn about local history, ecology and geology.

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Islands Trails' day walks focus on interpretation of Phillip Island's varied geology, fauna and flora, and range between 4-6 hours.  Each walk aims to provide a fun, informative experience in which participants can both learn about Phillip Island's natural features and enjoy the sheer pleasure of walking through a beautiful environment.  As hardy walkers often appreciate a solid meal (or several)  provision of a range of local food options include picnics, visits to local wineries and local restaurants.

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Phillip Island, at the edge of one of the world’s largest historic volcanic plains, claims a fascinating range of geological features. On the Colonnades to Cape Woolamai Walk you will learn about the beautiful pipe-like sandstone formations called the Colonnades, the extraordinary tombolo joining Cape Woolamai to Phillip Island, and the 300 million year-old pink granite which forms the core of Cape Woolamai’s southern extremity.  You will also have the opportunity to learn about the commercial history of Cape Woolamai as we trace its agricultural and quarrying history, visiting the site of the old granite quarry on the eastern side of the cape, after taking in the stunning views of Bass Strait, Phillip Island and San Remo at Cape Woolamai’s 112 metre peak.   For that most necessary element in a long walk, sustenance, we will enjoy a picnic plate prepared by local food providore, Kate’s Plates, before retracing our footprints in the sand back to The Colonnades.



If you love history, geology and exploring, then this is the walk for you.  Over medium to difficult terrain you will explore rocky headlands and private coves, discovering the forces which sculpted the coast into its current form.  Kitty Miller Bay and its surrounding headlands are exceptional in that this is the only place on the coast of Australia where one can find Cambrian green stone, around 500 million years old and the oldest rock on Phillip Island.  Remarkable historical sites also pepper this walk, as we visit the remaining ruins of The Speke, a ship wrecked in 1906, and pass the husks of colonial stone huts, now abandoned to the wild winds of Bass Strait.  By appointment, a visit to nearby Phillip Island Winery can be arranged, in addition to a gourmet picnic lunch.

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Looking to experience breathtaking scenery with a local viewpoint? If you are, then this tour is a great travel option for you. The extraordinary quiet beauty of Rhyll stretches from its tranquil marine township to the ecologically diverse Rhyll inlet, an important migration destination for many species of birds, the home of a delicate mangrove colony, and the site of a 65 million year-old rock type unknown anywhere else.  This walk takes in all of these sites, as well as meandering through the everchanging vegetation of the Oswin Roberts Walk, extending from Rhyll to the very centre of Phillip Island.  You will have the opportunity to see many species of native wildlife, including wallabies, koalas, echidnas and many species of birds, both in the wetlands and in the forest. At our walk’s terminus, you will enjoy a wander past an original chicory kiln and around The Phillip Island Koala Park, arriving, ultimately at the welcoming gastronomic haven that is  Rusty Waters, a cosy bar and restaurant selling a range of  locally produced beers, wines and a delicious menu of hearty fare.



Healing and harmony in nature




Do you often wish you made time to walk or sit under the stars?
Does the thought of meditating outside at night inspire you?
The Starlight Sand Solo provides the opportunity to unwind listening to the gentle sounds of lapping waves whilst watching the sky as it shifts into night.  Using stories of the night constellations and guided meditation techniques, this wellness experience enables you to practice mindfulness as group and in an extended solo.

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Shinrin-Yoku, Japanese forest bathing, is the wellness practice of simply being in a natural environment.  The rejuvenating, calming effects of being under a canopy or within a healthy plant eco-system have the flow-on effect of improving mood, reducing blood pressure, reducing stress, increasing energy and improving sleep.  This session takes you on a whimsical wander through pockets of hidden forest which pepper the dune systems on the northern side of Phillip Island.  It is designed to provide you with a relaxing, mindful experience in which you learn meditative mindfulness strategies to induce a feeling of deep calm.



Island Trails offers a variety of family-friendly walks, aiming to provide both action-packed fun and lots of learning. These walks guarantee an action-packed itinerary, while also providing the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional environments we have on Phillip Island in a relaxed manner.  The walks and experiences below are an indication of what can be experienced, however these can also be adapted upon request.



$15 for adults and $10 for children
$ 40 for families

Do you love to take your kids on short, adventurous walks, but often wonder where to go?  This bramble is the perfect hidden secret, taking families on a gentle walk across the beach, then heading inland to explore a tangled tea tree obstacle course, involving climbing, crawling and lots of figuring out the way! If you and your kids enjoy adventure, then this is the walk for you!

(With a focus on supporting initiative, decision-making and helping each group member, this walk encourages a sense of trust, cohesion and confidence-building.)

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$40 per adult and $20 for children under 15;   $100 per family

If your idea of a perfect holiday includes learning about the geological history of a place and tracing its story through the landscape, this is the walk for you.  Discover the volcanic and ice age changes which have shaped Phillip Island into its current form and share in the experience of finding different types of rocks and the story they tell about their past.

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